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The design brief was to provide a small, well curated, cost effective design for a retail franchise rollout.  Reflecting both Modern and Classical Greece without succumbing to clichés , was key to our aesthetic vision. The Team worked closely with the client to a design that not only delivered the brief, but also understood and nurtured the growth of a new franchise group. The ‘light bulb moment’ for us came when exploring the notion of the Greek word 'Ousia', that is 'the essence' - we would execute on our brief by bringing the essence of Greece to the design. For most Greeks the memory of eating Lukumades (country-style rustic doughnuts) comes from childhood times with their Yiayia (Grandmother) who would greet  them with this beautiful warm golden treat. A pleasure of senses filled with love and comfort. The studio wanted to focus the design on a feeling of being welcomed into a special place of warmth, love and hospitality – the essence of ‘Greekness’. Our space had to both evoke this memory for those who understood it but also to transport those new to the experience. The designs strength comes from understanding the depths of this experience. Bringing old world Greek references into a modern light has been such a delight for the Studio. We have embraced and brought together the charm of different components of Greek culture, old and modern, to deliver a Lukumades experience for all to enjoy.

Prue Ruscoe

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