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"An expansive 1920s home with a Tuscan villa exterior in a hilly section of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The Studio has eloquently finessed a client brief that called for a unique mix of luxury European aesthetic with casual Australian ease. The original interior of the home was very dark and heavy. It was old in style — cool and shadowy inside, and outside was very separate, with formal gardens surrounding a tennis court and a swimming pool. It was important to link the grand landscaped areas to the inside entertaining areas of the home. The Studio work on updating areas of the home from a very traditional opulent setting to a more modern classic style. Linking casual areas to formal areas to bring a more modern flexibility to the home — and still maintain a sense of grandeur and luxury. We softened the look throughout the home by adding layers and  worked tonally with colours to create a contemporary yet classic home." - Vogue Living Juy 2018

Prue Ruscoe

// Published in Vogue Living July 2018

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